Types of Paediatric Cancers You Need to Know About

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Types of Paediatric Cancers You Need to Know About

In the realm of childhood, where dreams are woven with innocence and boundless possibilities, the specter of cancer casts a shadow of despair. Yet, armed with awareness and timely intervention, pediatric cancers can be conquered, offering hope for a brighter tomorrow. Dr. Vikas Dua sheds light on the diverse landscape of pediatric cancers, each originating from distinct corners of the young body. Here are five types of pediatric cancers every parent should be acquainted with.

5 Types of Pediatric Cancers:

1. Leukemia: A prevalent form of childhood cancer, leukemia encompasses about 30% of cases, characterized by malignant cells infiltrating the bone marrow and vital organs. Symptoms include fever, fatigue, and susceptibility to infections. With early diagnosis and tailored management, leukemia holds promise for cure.

2. Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors: Constituting approximately 20% of childhood malignancies, these tumors manifest diverse neurological symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, and motor impairments. Prompt recognition and intervention are crucial to mitigate potential complications.

3. Lymphomas: Accounting for 10-15% of pediatric cancer cases, lymphomas arise from lymphatic tissues and may present with palpable masses and abdominal distension. Treatment strategies vary based on the type and extent of the disease, offering avenues for effective management.

4. Neuroblastoma: A distinctive tumor exclusive to infants and young children, neuroblastoma emerges from neural tissue and often presents with abdominal masses and neurological deficits. Multimodal treatment approaches, including surgery and chemotherapy, hold promise for favorable outcomes.

5. Wilms Tumor: The most common kidney tumor in children, Wilms tumor demands attention with symptoms like abdominal masses and hematuria. Through a combination of chemotherapy and surgical intervention, favorable prognoses can be achieved.

Despite the gravity of cancer’s toll, hope flickers in the promise of early detection and comprehensive care. Dr. Vikas Dua, a renowned Pediatric Hematologist in Delhi, advocates for the best possible care in a secure environment. Consult today to embark on a journey toward healing and restoration.